FAQ: How Vernon Met Cathy

Chillin' in Philly during the summer 2007

Q: When did Vernon meet Cathy?
A: In the spring of 2004, when Cathy was a senior and Vernon was a freshman, they got to know each other during indoor track.

Q: How did Vernon and Cathy begin dating?
A: James Golden, one of Cathy’s dearest friends, was in charge of setting her up for Swarthmore’s annual Screw Your Roommate blind date extravaganza. At the last minute, James’ date for Cathy fell through. There was some behind-the-scenes maneuvering, and James ended up screwing Cathy with Vernon.

Q: What happened after Cathy graduated from Swarthmore and Vern still had three years left of undergraduate work to complete?
A: A difficult year of long distance [she in Oakland and he in Swarthmore], followed by two upbeat years in Philadelphia [she in the city and he in the suburbs], and then a magical year in Vietnam [finally together under one roof in District 4, Saigon]. They currently live in Pasadena, California.

Q: When and how did Vernon pop the question?
On a very average Monday in March 2009, Vernon prepared a three-course dinner for Cathy. Dessert was followed by a proposal of marriage, a “huge and bloodless” diamond ring, and reservations to The French Laundry. Cathy doesn’t recall saying, “Yes,” but she distinctly remembers rolling on the ground smiling and laughing.

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